Lika Moore has always been drawn to the more functional forms of sculpture. Her pieces invite interaction and often demand it.

For twenty years Ms. Moore has been collaborating and designing furnishings for Blackman Cruz in Los Angeles, one of the most influential furniture/design houses in the world.  Her works are designed to transform a mundane home into an ever evolving sanctuary. Lika Moore designs have not only been featured in the homes of discerning collectors and designers, but also have been sold through Wright in Chicago and Sotheby's in London, historically one of the most reputable auction houses today.

Jewelry has become another means of expression. Hand crafted in Los Angeles, each item is the embodiment of an experience, a ceremony or an emotion. Forms derive from animals, plants, tools and artifacts. Her jewelry harnesses the wisdom and power of both feminine and masculine intended to become a memento linking the past with the future while exhibiting every wearer’s royal elegance.

Born in Los Angeles with Polynesian blood running through her veins, Ms Moore has refined her natural and raw sense of beauty into the creation of timeless objects.